Piano Magic Tiles Spectre Christmas




Robot breaks the record for Piano Tiles on the iPad. Technical details: Overhead iPhone 6+ processes video of the iPad screen at 120 fps. iPhone tracks tile speed and sends timing info...

Go to this video descriltion to get apk https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4QSUGnyql1c And must sub him!!! If u don't then you'rr asshole coz he's working a lot to make song and you're just playing!!!

Yes, I did it. :v Christmas Rhapsody isn't only one song with 11tiles/s at 3 crowns, my mistake. Star Clock has the same speed at 3 crowns too :) And it's "Crazy Songs Album" not "CRAZY ALBUM" xD.

Player: Eugene Kua.

Quite a long time not uploading Piano Tiles video because my recording tool been stucked (error), and I finally open Regedit to manage some system inside the app and solve the problem. So here...