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• For students to see their own performance
• Quick and easy connection
• To support Quality CPR, the app provides live and summative feedback on:
o Compression rate
o Compression depth
o Full release
o Ventilation volume
o CPR protocol
• Summary includes overall score and one hint for improvement
• Save results directly on the device for debriefing and tracking of performance over time
• Three ways of using the app
• Instructor watches the feedback
• Learner follows the feedback
• Peer-to-peer review

Little Anne QCPR

The Little Anne CPR training manikin has been recently enhanced to provide more realistic adult CPR training without compromising quality or usability. It is durable and designed for convenience...

Działanie aplikacji QCPR Learner dla fantomów Little Anne QCPR Laerdal

Filmik pokazuje działanie aplikacji Learner Little Anne QCPR Laerdal dla systemu android. Jest tu przedstawiony cały proces działania aplikacji i jej możliwości.

Little Anne QCPR

Little Anne QCPR https://www.tammed.fi/tuotteet/little-anne-qcpr/ Päivityspakkaus https://www.tammed.fi/tuotteet/little-anne-qcpr-paivityspakkaus/ Uuden sukupolven Little Anne QCPR on edullinen...

Little Anne QCPR Upgrade Kit - installation guide

How to install the QCPR Upgrade Kit to Little Anne.


LAERDAL LITTLE ANNE QCPR Now with QCPR Feedback technology to help instructors improve CPR training quality, with real-time, audiovisual evaluation to help with improving performance of CPR...