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NatureMood includes absolutely free widget and app for Apple Watch!

NatureMood analyses data according the following characteristics

- geomagnetic activity (Kp index)
- Moon phases
- sky condition
- atmospheric pressure
- air temperature
- relative humidity
- biorhythms

counts their total impact and can inform you about critical periods

Main functions:

- interactive smile, characterizing “ weather mood”
- four days forecast
- week history
- information about the characteristics
- recommendations according to the value of analyzed factors

Your mood is getting bad without any reasons? You can suddenly become tired and angry?The reason may be in something you haven't noticed.

Human body is a complicated and sensitive system. It is highly responsible to such changes in environment as geomagnetic field disturbance or atmospheric pressure drops. Human body's inner processes such as changes of arterial pressure, decrease of oxygen percentage in blood- lead to unwellness,apathy and anger.

NatureMood was created to help you understand your mood,
NatureMood was created to inform you about the emotional condition of people around you and can wisely make you plans.

We hope, you will enjoy our application!

We are constantly developing our applications and new characteristics will be added soon.

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