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Aurora Now provides real time predictions regarding the chances for auroral activity at your specific location right now as well as a forecast for the coming 30 minutes.

One of the most popular services we provide is the local aurora alert service. You can get instantly notified when there is a high chance for auroral activity at your location without having to check the app all the time. You can also get alert services for the solar wind data and Kp index. These extra services can be purchased within the app.

The app also provides predicted and observed Kp index, solar wind data directly from the satellite DSCOVR, such as solar wind speed and magnetic field (Bz and Bt), and graphs with recent data to help you predict auroral activity.

The app focuses much on the activity right now, but we also added a 3 day Kp forecast which can give you a hint which days you could expect higher activity. Enjoy!

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