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Weather Awareness Service for your Electronic Flight Bag

eWAS provides airline pilots a complete weather situation for their flights. The application presents the last observations and forecasts in an innovative horizontal and vertical view providing a clear 4D view with the time. eWAS data can be used at ground for a better flight preparation and even onboard the aircraft to receive continuous updates during the flight. Thanks to specific integration onboard the aircraft, data can be received by satellite and even by ACARS communication. New data format and compression allow eWAS to uplink forecast with a very limited bandwidth to limit the communication costs. ATC flight plan can be directly requested to the eWAS ground servers or copy paste from the flight folder.

eWAS offers the following weather data:
· Thunderstorm forecast and nowcast
· Clear air turbulence
· Icing
· Volcanic Ash
· Lightning
· Pireps
· Wind
· Tropopause
· And more data on request.

Highly customizable, the application allows to define an airline policy with various options including the selections of various weather providers. Specific connection to the Airline OCC can also be requested to get for example flight plans and airports.

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