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Are you an A.R.M.Y? If your answer is yes, this's the perfect game for you! Because it made by A.R.M.Y, for A.R.M.Y.

With our awesome guys in the center, this app feature 23 unique games in 1:
*** 13 games in Casual Area with simple, fun and addict game play.
*** 5 games in Goodies Area with latest visual and melody
*** 5 games in Puzzle Area with 500+ levels of puzzles and downloadable contents
and a lot of LOVE, FUN, and RIDICULOUS stuffs...
And if that is not enough, I bring your more: 2 Players and Cafe - 2 features help you to have fun with other A.R.M.Y

So what are you waiting for?

America's Army: Proving Grounds Game Trailer

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