Celsius And Fahrenheit




Celsius And Fahrenheit is a simple and charming weather app that always provides temperature in both °C and °F, without having to change any settings.

It features fun animated illustrations depicting current weather conditions for all the cities you care about.

Whether you are part of an international team at work, have friends from different countries, or like me fell in love with someone who grew up using different units, this app helps simplify the ubiquitous question: "What's the weather like today?".

- Current and precise weather data for more than 200k locations around the world powered by OpenWeatherMap.

- Simple to use city search that presents a map with options if more than one city has the same name. So many Paris-es!!!

- Saves multiple locations so you can see current °C/°F and conditions for all your favorite places.

- The "More Info" button provides detailed weather data including temp highs, temp lows, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and wind speed.

- Home screen pull down extension uses the current location of the iPhone showing temperatures and weather conditions.
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