Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum emitted by the sun. Some ultraviolet (UV) exposure is important for health functions such as Vitamin D production in the body and treating diseases like jaundice in babies or psoriasis and rickets in adults.

However, exposure to strong UV radiation is harmful. Excessive exposure may cause the following problems:
- Skin cancer
- Cataracts
- Suppression of the immune system
- Premature ageing of the skin

Sunny@SG is useful utility that allows you to check the hourly UV index (UVI) on the go.

Features include:
- Access to hourly UV index reading from Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) on the go.
- Notification when UV index reaches high level. Notification can be turned on and off as per your preference.
- Share the current UV index with your friends and family and keep them informed and safe!

All feedback and suggestions are welcome. You can reach us via email ( or the contact feature within the app.

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This app is developed without any involvement of MSS. Any inaccuracies found are not the responsibility of and should not be attributed to MSS.

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