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*** fire + rain is available for iPhone 5s and up. ***

New York Times' "New Favourite" Weather App

Weather like you’ve never felt it before in an app. Powered by The Weather Network, fire + rain gives you incredible accuracy wherever you are - you’ll always be ahead of Mother Nature.  As you scroll through the forecast, feel an entirely new weather experience as the app puddles and frosts beneath your fingertips. We highlight only the key weather information in this sleek and simple design. This is an entirely new way to experience the weather through your mobile phone.


- 3 Themes for you to choose from; Fire, Earth and Rain
- Current weather temperatures and conditions with details for wind direction, humidity and pressure
- Detailed weather for the next 2 days, hour by hour and 14-day forecast
- Know when it will rain or snow within 10 minutes of the first drop
- In-app notifications for when there is a severe weather alert or warning for your area

This is a brand new concept and way to experience weather from The Weather Network – and we want to make you part of this new collaborative experience.  Please send us your feedback about the app at

App Preview Music:

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