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Downgeon Quest now brings you the unique rogue-like experience! Dumholf needs your help to battle and craft his way through the depths of a dungeon, collecting recipes and artifacts to increase the power, and find new heroes to delve ever deeper underground!

Key Features:
-Tons of Items to Craft: collect components and craft useful items as you journey deeper into the dark! Upgrade the recipes to make them even stronger!
-Fabulous Artifacts: collect and showcase unique artifacts in their mansion, increasing your stats permanently and allowing to go even deeper into the dungeon!
-Challenging Enemies: use your wits to attack or avoid powerful enemies in the crypts! One wrong move could spell your doom!
-Keep Your Lantern Lit: you have to carefully marshal this item to make sure the lantern doesn't go out deep underground!
-Meet new friends: find out the mysterious story behind each hero, use their power to conquer the Downgeon!
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Downgeon Quest ( IOS ) Game Review
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Downgeon Quest, Part 1.
A quick playthrough of the mobile game, Downgeon Quest. Part 2 will follow shortly.

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Downgeon Quest is a marvelous little gem of a rogue-like. It doesn't reinvent the formula, but it brings all the best elements to the forefront, crafting a rogue-like experience that could...

Downgeon Quest cheats working 2018
Downgeon Quest cheats working 2018.