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Current Local Weather provides professional and accurate weather service to 20,000 locations thousands worldwide.

- You can not only use this best app to get current weather report conveniently, but also 7 day detailed local weather forecasts.

- This clock and weather widget, definitely your best android weather widget choice in daily life. Real-time temperature, feels like temperature, current clock/time, weather tomorrow, weather in 3 day are all in this weather widget android based on weather server. It’s a handy weather guide for you.

- No matter it is a weather report for weather today, a weather forecast for weather tomorrow and 3 days after, a weather report for current location, or a weather forecast for any other cities in worldwide. You do not need to search ‘weather today’ ‘local weather tomorrow’ anymore.
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Local weather, current temperatures
Local weather, current temperatures.

Current Local Weather
katelyn and me making a weather show with comercials and everything! :)

Show the Local Weather Project Part 1: Free Code Camp
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