Tayasui Doodle Book


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描かなくちゃいけないのにアイデアが出てこない? それならDoodle Bookをお試しください!


A Quick Look at Tayasui Sketches with Sensu Brush
We took our Sensu Brush for a quick spin in the app-Tayasui Sketches- and really liked what we saw! It is very responsive, has elegant and minimal UI and an excellent toolset for folks who...

Tayasui Doodle Book Review | Appolicious
Tayasui Doodle Book is a sketchbook alternative that will make you want to throw your phone under a train: https://appolicious.com/tayasui-doodle-book-inadequacy-in-drawing.

Tayasui Sketches- Getting started
Don't forget to subscribe! I'm going to show you one of the many ways you can sketch, doodle, and draw for peaceful relaxation and creative exploration on your iPad or tablet using Tayasui...

How to turn WORDS into Doodles! | Doodle Words
If you can't do calligraphy or brush lettering like me, try turning words into doodles instead? Here are some random words turned into drawings. If you have a favourite word, please comment...

Sketchbook Dalek doodle using stylus I can't mention yet...
Sat down to watch Top Gear and ended up doodling this too. iPad mini 2, Autodesk Sketch chinook and stylus I'll tell you about later. ...