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Sol is a simple weather app that is deceptively informative despite its minimalist appearance.

Swipe horizontally to read a 5 day forecast, in words.

Swipe vertically to see the week at a glance, in graphical form.
【LIVE(通常版)】 最新天気・地震情報 ウェザーニュース SOLiVE24
高画質&低遅延モードはこちら☆ 【最新の天気に関する情報】 お天気アプリ「ウェザーニュースタッチ」からも随時最新...

Sol Weather Man: The Dress Wearing Dancehaller
Sol the Weather Man this week OnStage.

Costa del Sol, Spain. Weather and beaches during October November.
Costa del Sol, Spain. Weather and beaches during the months of October and November are wonderful. Clear blue skies, empty beaches and temperatures around 25 degrees centigrade. The pictures...

Sol Weather man- weather man

SOL All Weather Cubes Waterproof Test
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