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WeatherWheel is probably the most awesome weather-app out there :)

Spin the wheel and watch the weather changing in realtime.

A very cool world-wheel defines our core component. This wheel allows you to move in time. While spinning the wheel, the weather changes in realtime.
We tried very hard to put in lot's of details. For example: The sun is rising exactly, when it is rising in the real world too. (same with the moon, moon phase, the whole weather,...!)

NEW: You can watch a very cool 5-day-live-weather-forecast commented by Siri. Just lean back and enjoy the show. This is also pretty incredible for disabled people.

We designed localized world-images for the following countries:
- Austria
- Germany
- Switzerland
- France
- United Kingdom
- Brazil
- Italy
- Australia
- Japan
- China
- Russia
- India
- Turkey

More are coming soon. Send as an email with the country you want to see next! The most wanted countries will be added within the next weeks!

Designers, watch out!
If you want to help us in covering the whole world with images, send us an email and we will send you a template to get started. We will then add your earth image to the app. (You will be credited as well!)

You want some more cool features? You have got a question about the app, discovered a bug or want to tell us anything else? Just send us an email or visit our website.

An app by AppWerkstatt

P.S. The app can be used as world-time too :)

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