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This app's key feature is the HeartMate II Risk Score calculator. By gathering user inputs, the calculator is able to determine the level of risk of performing the operation based on a specific formula. The app also includes a troubleshooting guide for the HeartMate II as well as additional document resources.

Taking LVAD pressure

This video shows how a LVAD or LVAS patient checks what is call a M.A.P. it gives the doctors a single pressure. Help Dads Heart assist people to connect to information for advance medical...

LVAD Education: Blood Pressure Maintenance

Sentara Advanced Heart Failure Center provides ongoing patient education for our VAD patients.

Calculating MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure)

A patient's mean arterial pressure is a mathematical calculation of the patient's average blood pressure My website Let's be Facebook Friends https://www.fa...


Silverton EMS LVAD training.

Blood Pressure Measurement

MyLVAD presentation. How to measure blood pressure in an LVAD recipient using a doppler. . Blood pressure measurement in an LVAD recipient can be difficult at times. The function of the...