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Welcome to Sky MET,

The ultimate weather app for pilots, by pilots.
This visually stunning and feature rich application provides you with all the weather information you will need when you prepare for your next flight:

METARs and TAFs with a twist
Sure you can get TAFs and METARs everywhere, but you'd be hard pressed to find a map based over overview that provides you instant insight in how the weather will develop over time, just by moving a slider. In addition to raw text, Sky MET provides you with:
- TAF and METAR decoding
- Crosswind component calculation
- Weather radar for each station
- Station NOTAMS
- And web cam images, allowing for sneek peek at the station sky

Wind Aloft
Quickly see what the winds will be like for any altitude between ground and FL 440

SIGMETs, AIRMETs and outlooks
Unlike most other weather apps, Sky MET presents you with the full range of international Sigmets and airmets required when preparing for your next trip, and when moving the time slider Sky MET will also provide a sigmet outlook. Affected regions are drawn on the map along with the station summaries. You filter on any combination of:
- Sigmets
- Outlooks
- Tango Airmets
- Sierra Airmets
- ICE airmets

Use Sky MET to quickly see all PIREPs for the last hour. For your convenience the reports have been categorised in Turbulence, Icing and other PIREPs. Urgent pilot reports, for instance when reporting low level wind shear or heavy icing conditions, are clearly marked in red.

Clouds, ICE and tops
Sky MET calculates the areas with relatively high cloud density. These areas are displayed in on the map where blue and yellow coloration's indicate the likelihood of icing conditions. By sliding the altitude bar you can pick an altitude that is less affected by icing conditions.
A quick glance in the left hand top corner of the screen show you the forecasted ambient temperature, wind and relative humidity. The latter you determine weather or not clouds will be likely at that position and altitude.

Sat images and analysis.
Satellite images and significant weather charts are provided to complete the weather picture.

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