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Start your career as a Taxi Driver! Pick up passengers and drop them at their destinations in time! Featuring 4 Taxis from 4 different Big Cities and 36 exciting missions!

▶ 4 FAMOUS TAXIS FROM AROUND THE WORLD: chose one of the classic, easily recognizable vehicles!
▶ EXCITING MISSIONS: 36 intense missions to test your skill
▶ DYNAMIC REAL CITY: mind the traffic and those around you!
▶ CHOOSE YOUR DIFFICULTY: it’s up to you how you play!

Enter the busy city and choose one of four Taxis from all around the world! From New York we have a classic yellow cab. Long and wide, this car will challenge your spatial awareness to the max! From London – a traditional black taxi. With its tight turning circle and short wheelbase you’ll find this nimble car can get through the tightest gaps if you have the skill!

From Germany – a typical German sedan. Fast and powerful, it will take a deft hand to cruise to victory! Finally from India – an old school sedan. It’s a light car with good performance, so take your cab up to high speeds and get those passengers there on time!

36 intense missions await to be completed in those 4 cars. Each of them ramps up the skill required until you’ve master every single job! You will have to cruise around a busy city. People want to get around quickly and there are other cars on the road determined to get there before you, so you’ll need to be pushy if you want to succeed in this town!

The normal game mode is 100% free to play! Extra game modes that alter the rules of the road slightly to make for an easier ride are available as separate In-App Purchases.

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