Armed Combat - Fast-paced Military Shooter


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Please note: Armed Combat might run slower on older devices, such as the iPod Touch 5.



Fight enemies with your allies in a fun, fast-paced singleplayer campaign. With many guns to choose from, many different environments, a variety of vehicles, and different ways to take out enemies, the fun will never end.

Smart enemy AI, including vision, hearing, and taking cover, allows you to choose different ways to eliminate them.

Drive a tank. Fire a machine gun. Hop on an ATV. Fight among allies. All out war.


Play with your friends in multiplayer mode, with all the same guns and fun as singleplayer.

No internet connection is required to play single player.

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Armed Combat - iOS Military Shooter - Improving

Armed Combat is a fast-paced upcoming iOS 2D Military Shooter. Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.

Armed Combat - iOS Gameplay HD

Armed Combat gameplay. Officially on the app store now! Like our Facebook page:

Armed Combat Trailer [HD]

Armed Combat is a 2D Fast-Paced Side-Scrolling Military Shooter. Unlike other iOS military games, Armed Combat puts you right into the action as a US soldier fighting alongside your allies...