Face scanner prank: What cat?


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Face Scanner Prank: What cat - app joke. Find out what cat are you and tell your friends in social networks.
Application is not a real face scanner and not real analyzer what cat are you. Outstanding results in random order and created just for jokes and fun.
Try it, it's fun. Scan yourself and your friends, to compare the results. You will learn many new things and spend great time.
More than 50 different cats in the application, collect them all!
Put all 50 cats in a social network!

Run the application Face Scanner Prank: What cat
Select the front or rear camera and point to the face
The application determines the location of the face and will enable the button "analyze"
After the analysis simulation, you will get the result - what cat are you!

Play and write reviews, as well as suggestions - what other scanners do you want!

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