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Australian local and national rain radars with BOM weather forecast in a single view. Beautifully designed, simple to use.

* Designed for quick access to rain radars and weather.
* High accuracy 7 day forecast sourced directly from the BOM.
* Marks your location on the rain radar.
* Search and bookmark your favourite locations across Australia for quick reference.
* Lightning fast. With servers located in Sydney, rain radar maps and weather load in an instant.

AUS Rain Radar does ask for permission to use your location. This is strictly for the purposes of determining closest rain radar and weather forecast in your area. Location data is not saved or used for any other purpose.

Some data on this app is sourced from Bureau Of Meteorology (BOM).

AUS Rain Radar 1.2.4 demo for iOS

AUS Rain Radar 1.2.4 demo for iOS.

Weather Update SE QLD: 3/4/16

This live weather update has been issued on the 3/6/16. Live Radar: Live Severe Weather Warning:

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