King of the Kaiju

In King of the Kaiju, players take control of a Godzilla-like monster that is rampaging through the city and the military is out to stop you. Tap the screen to fire your Atomic Fire Blast attacks and stop the military Tanks, Jets, and Helicopters that are attacking you. Take them out quickly or their forces will overwhelm you.

Make it to 100 points and beyond to face the deadly military Quadcopter boss.

Every 500 points you'll have to take on the fearsome Mecha Kaiju boss.

Unlock a variety of different 'skins' for the monster by completing in game goals.

Fight an onslaught of Quadcopter and Mecha Kaiju bosses in the Boss Gauntlet mode or just work on your skills in Practice mode.

Use Google Play Game Services to unlock achievements and post your high scores to the Leaderboards to compare against your friends.

Will you have the skill needed to become the King of the Kaiju?

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