Galaxy sky shooting - ギャラクシースカイシューティング




- 飛行機での宇宙撮影
- 10の宇宙船を選択
- 損傷を避けるために左右に動かしてください
- 飛行機をより強くする
- キャンペーン、エンドレス、ボスモード
- より強力なパワーボスに挑戦する
- 完了するべき別のミッション
- 最適化された高品質の画像



Galaxy sky shooting is the best sky airplane shooting game!
If you are a fan of space shooting, you must like it! More spaceships to choose and cool appearance, differ airplane have unique barrage, upgrade the spaceship with stronger power.

Our beautiful galaxy is being attacked, control your spaceship and protect our home. Move your fighter left or right in the sky to avoid the bullet, Exercise controlling to known the regular about the bullet path. differ mode to choose: level, boss and endless mode.

It is most exciting thing that challenge the boss, firepower was concentrated, and with different bullet barrage to attack you, only touch screen to avoid and shoot. Skilled operation is very important, protect your spaceship safe and accumulate damage. It is not only a sky shooting game, but also take your more happiness about life leisure time

Galaxy sky shooting Features:
.Space shooting with airplane
.10 spaceships to choose
.Move left or right to avoid the damage
.Upgrade the airplane to be stronger
.Campaign, endless and boss mode
.Challenge the stronger power boss
.Differ missions to complete
.High quality images optimized

Space shooting is start now, plan your battle strategy well and upgrade your fighter to protect our home!


Galaxy sky shootingギャラクシースカイシューティング

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