Hatsune Miku Live Wallpaper

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This application is based on the "Piapro" Character license
It depicts the character "Hatsune Miku" of Crypton Future Media Corporation.
"Hatsune Miku" is a copyrighted work of Crypton Future Media Corporation.
(C)Crypton Future Media, INC. www.piapro.net

Hatsune Miku (Japanese: 初音ミク), sometimes referred to as Miku Hatsune, is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media. Hatsune Miku is portrayed as a 16-year-old girl with long, turquoise twintails. She uses Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid 2 and Vocaloid 3 singing synthesizing technologies. She also uses Crypton Future Media's Piapro Studio, a singing synthesizer VSTi Plugin. She was the second Vocaloid sold using the Vocaloid 2 engine, and the first Japanese Vocaloid to use the Japanese version of the Vocaloid 2 engine. Her voice is modeled from Japanese voice actress Saki Fujita. Hatsune Miku has performed at her concerts onstage as an animated projection.

The name of the character comes from merging the Japanese words for first (初 hatsu), sound (音 ne) and future (ミク miku), thus meaning "the first sound from the future", referring to her position as the first of Crypton's "Character Vocal Series."

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