Lezyne GPS Ally v2

Part of our GPS Trinity (You + Phone + Lezyne GPS), the Lezyne Ally app is the key link between your phone and your Lezyne GPS device. The free app features the latest interactive and real-time technologies that will enhance your cycling experience. Once paired to one of our GPS devices, you'll be able to enjoy features like Turn-by-Turn Navigation, and Phone Notifications. Additionally, the app is an easy-to-use resource to instantly save, store and review rides. Rides can then be auto-synced to Strava and shared to popular social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

With Ally, you can also take advantage of our Lezyne Track feature. When enabled, simply create a list of email addresses in the app and those recipients will then be notified every time you start a ride. These notification emails will include a link to our live tracking website where friends and loved ones can keep track of where you are and see all of your ride metrics.

This app is for use with Lezyne Y10 and newer GPS Devices (2017 Model Year and newer).
Please use the Ally V1 app with Y9 GPS devices (With a silver bezel).

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