Pianista League Opening!
Now the best mobile rhythm game Pianista's league begins.
Show your best performance with the legendary classic composer in a 10-player league every day.

• Pianista is free to play, just download and enjoy it! (offered In-App purchase and Subscription)
• Legendary music pieces : Iconic pieces of classical music from world's greatest composers.
• Thumb optimized : easy to play with thumbs, allow to comfortable handheld play.
• Various Options : Pianista give options to play, 3 speeds and fade in-out options.
• Game for everyone : Challenge yourself by completing easy to extreme songs.
• Tour mode : Clear every stages of various music pack and become a virtuoso!
• Ranking system : Users globally compete each other through the ranking board in the Collection and the Tour.
• League mode : Compete with others in 10 men league. You can enjoy new songs in the league also.
• Prestige Membership : Subscribe and enjoy every song in Pianista freely. Coming with Daily reward.
• Piano Skin : Decorative skin item made with a masterpiece, 'Piano' also has additional effect for the play such as score bonus and extra life. Upgrade your piano and get more bonus!
• Composer level system : Play your favorite composer to get score bonus and to earn more gold.
• Music Pack : New songs added through a music pack system.
• Free Music Points: Watch Video Ads and get free music points!
• Messagebox : Receive and store various reward from the League and Prestige membership

How to Play
1. The Note will appear and come down.
2. When the note is aligned with the line, touch the note.
3. Holding Note : With a tail line note, hold it down until it is completed.
4. Glissando Note : When shiny notes appear in a row, use a sliding motion.
5. Accuracy is important! The more you touch accurately, the more points you get.

Superb corp.
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3 HARDEST SONG in Pianista - Flight of Bumblebee & La Campanella & Black Key Etude - FC

Player: Eugene Kua ALL in Lv.9 Song 1: Flight of The Bumblebee Song 2: La Campanella (Lv.8 in my personal opinion) Song 3: Black Key Etude.

liran roll el pianista

musica triste.

[08] fer Mi escena favorita de EL PIANISTA

Mi escena favorita de... EL PIANISTA DURACIÓN: 9:55 AÑO: 2002; DIRECTOR: Roman Polanski; MÚSICA: Wojciech Kilar; REPARTO: Adrien Brody.

Pianista [#40]: Paganini - Caprice No.24 (Franz List) (Master)

El Pianista en español

es una película del año 2002 dirigida por Roman Polanski y con Adrien Brody como actor principal. La película es una adaptación de las memorias del músico ...

8 ciekawostek z filmu "Pianista" | Poznać kino

Subskrybuj: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Poznackino Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/poznackino Twitter: ...



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PIANISTA Arrival of the Queen of Sheba Normal MAX−9 やっと一桁出た... https://t.co/GVI2BkyR6D

pianista急に上位は入れなくなった https://t.co/itHJNRcjGD

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今日、インターネットラジオfm gig の[オサムシェフのぶっちゃけトーク]の収録に行って来ました。放送は、9月7日(金)と9月14日(金)の23時~23時30分の予定です。また詳細は、追ってお伝えします!お楽しみに‼️ https://t.co/lfY7QAMXF5

来月23日(木)恒例のスターパインズです!! 新たなチャレンジします。後日詳細お楽しみに。 https://t.co/ZaqkiMflG9

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夜の惣菜! #タコときゅうりの酢の物 #ポテトサラダ #アジ南蛮 暑さを乗り越えて❗️ https://t.co/9Ymu7ObQvH

敬愛なるDorantesドランテス セビージャで貴重なレッスンと彼直筆の楽譜を頂き、今回ソロライブでその中から2曲をお届け致します‼️ #dorantes #pianista #pianoflamenco https://t.co/YnSkUMoFRQ

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PIANISTA Salut d’Amour, Op.12(Nomal) 理論値達成 https://t.co/asZeu6cocJ

昨日のだけど。浦和でバイキング〜 野菜もりもり食べました。 https://t.co/oF9ebPNM00

pianistaのグレード記憶の限りでは Bronze→Silver→Gold→Diamond→Master→(未知の世界)

定期的に宣伝する「Pianista」 バッハ、モーツァルト、ベートーヴェン、ショパンなど有名な作曲家の数々のピアノ曲が音ゲーで楽しめるアプリです ぜひ一度プレイして見てください https://t.co/udMujpAMFa

PIANISTAにて ベートーヴェンの交響曲第5番「運命」 やっぱかっこいいなぁ!!✨ https://t.co/t5Bja75nlQ


pianistaクッソ楽しい← https://t.co/s0XDOJgC0j

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