Feel isn't real. To effectively improve your golf swing, getting 100% objective feedback is a must.

VirtualPro is the essential app to help optimize your golf training. It lets you analyse and review the ‘real’ characteristics of your golf swing, providing instant feedback and swing correction guidance.

VirtualPro includes a handy, yet comprehensive golf swing video analyser - enabling you to capture, import and analyse any golf swing on your smartphone or tablet.

It is free of charge, without the need for pre-registration and doesn't require an internet connection.

Record golf swings with your device’s built-in camera. Each recording automatically stops after a pre-defined length of time.

Import videos - with different file formats – directly from your device.

Play back:
Play back videos frame by frame, in real-time, slow motion or time lapsed.

Trim/adjust videos to the length of each golf swing.

Draw useful shapes like lines, angles, circles, rectangles, arrows, curves, etc. Modify existing shapes later and change their colour and line width.

Zoom & Pan:
Zoom in/out and pan to adjust the video view.

Flip videos to show left or right-handed views.

Create snapshots of individual video frames including your drawings and share them with your golf pro or friends.

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