Opsu!(Beatmap player for Android)

Opsu is an open-source osu! client now on android!
You can download beatmaps from anywhere you want and play them on your phone!!!

Opsu is published under the GNU GPL v3 licsence
The code for Opsu can be found here:
Opsu's fork for android is here:
Code for this app:
Credits for everyone who contributed their artwork to this app are here:

Anirudh Rahulのアプリを見る

how to download beatmaps for opsu on Android

Sorry if it's not good enough.

Opsu! - Clicking Circles on the Phone?

this is request I received a lot on YT/Twitter comments so... Let me know what do you think about it in the comment section uwu Let's shoot for 1000 likes?

Playing Opsu? With Pen and Keyboard (Osu-Ripoff)

My channel isn't about the Undertale rant and Shitposting it's random.

MAIN OSU! DI ANDROID? Bisa? Tutorial Main Opsu! Open Beatmap Player Indonesia.

Like and Subscribe Untuk Tutorial Skin! Tags: Osu Opsu Open beatmap player Android Osu di android Main osu Main opsu Anime Weaboo Miraie Main osu di ...

[opsu] Snow drive 99.44

Setting : CS 0.1, OD5.0 and all disable. I think OD 5.0 is almost like osu droid. small circles make many mistakes :( This isnt my best but i shocked at stream.

Opsu Game Android || No Game No Life

music : Oracion ( OP No Game No Life )