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Conference program for 36C3: Resource exhaustion

The 36th Chaos Communication Congress (36C3) is an annual four-days conference on technology, society and utopia. The Congress offers lectures and workshops and various events on a multitude of topics including (but not limited to) information technology and generally a critical-creative attitude towards technology and the discussion about the effects of technological advances on society.


App features:
✓ View program by day and rooms (side by side)
✓ Custom grid layout for smartphones (try landscape mode) and tablets
✓ Read detailed descriptions (speaker names, start time, room name, links, ...) of events
✓ Add events to favorites list
✓ Export favorites list
✓ Setup alarms for individual events
✓ Add events to your personal calendar
✓ Share a website link to an event with others
✓ Keep track of program changes
✓ Automatic program updates (configurable in settings)
✓ Integration with the c3nav project
✓ Integration with the Engelsystem project
✓ Supported languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (Event descriptions excluded)

💡 Questions regarding the content can only be answered by the content team of the Chaos Communication Congress (CCC). This app simply offers a way to consume and personalize the conference schedule.

💣 Bug reports are very welcome. It would be awesome if you can describe how to reproduce the particular error. Please use the issue tracker.

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#36C3 - #CCC - 36. Chaos Communication Congress - 27.-30.12.19 Leipzig

Leipzig 27.-30.12.2019 Der Chaos Computer Club richtete den 36.Chaos Communication Congress aus. Komm:On war dort, um mit Piko von den Haecksen, ...

34C3 - Console Security - Switch

https://media.ccc.de/v/34c3-8941-console_security_-_switch Homebrew on the Horizon Nintendo has a new console, and it's more secure than ever. The Switch ...

Straight Outta VMware: Modern Exploitation of the SVGA Device for Guest-to-Host Escapes

This presentation focuses on modern exploitation techniques for VMware Workstation guest's virtual graphics device in order to achieve code execution on the ...

GPN19 - Bahn API Chaos

https://media.ccc.de/v/gpn19-67-bahn-api-chaos Was für APIs bietet die Bahn eigentlich an? Sind die alle Sinnvoll struktiert und einheitlich? Oder eher nicht?

Boeing 737MAX 36C3 Automated Crashes

Betrusted: Better Security Through Physical Partitioning

bunnie, Sean "xobs" Cross, Tom Marble https://lca2020.linux.org.au/schedule/presentation/37/ The condensation of virtually everything into a single device -- the ...