Accessing free Wi-Fi has never been easier. TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi provides tourists with the simplest solution to access Free Wi-Fi hostspots anywhere in Japan.
From Narita to Tokyo, Osaka, and anywhere else in Japan – you’ll be able to easily connect your mobile to Free Wi-Fi.

Avoid Data Roaming, Prepaid SIM Card, and Pocket Wi-Fi rental; these options quickly rack up costs and often come with slow data restrictions.
TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi, on the other hand, lets you enjoy travelling japan through free and quick web connections.

TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi automatically connects you to Wi-Fi hotspots while you travel, and to make travelling Japan that much better, the app comes along with these special features:
-get automatic recommendations on popular cafes, restaurants, shopping areas near you.
-Save your favourite visited places.
-Search for nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and stores with the MAP function.
-download the Offline MAP so you can still travel easy without internet.

When using the app, make sure you remember these things:
- Cost incurred for 3G, LTE communications is at your expense.
- WiFi services are provided without any encrypting.
- The app collects device and GPS data to analyse app usage trends in Japan and provide better services. Statistics are provided to alliance corporation without personal information.
- Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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[Free Wi-Fi App] simple explanation of TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi

Travel Japan Wi-Fi is the No.1 Free Wi-Fi connection app for visitors to Japan. -Free to connect to our 200k + Wi-Fi hotspots across Japan. -No need to login.

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