Giggity (schedule viewer)

Browser for schedules of conferences like SHA2017, FOSDEM, LCA (, CCC/36C3 and many more. (Supported formats: Pentabarf/Frab/xCal/iCal)

It lets you organise your visit - select talks to be reminded of (with warnings in case of conflicts) or hide the topics you're less interested in. Schedules are shown in whatever format you like - block schedules, plain timetables, quick search or on the day itself a brief now-and-next screen.

開発元Wilmer van der Gaastのアプリを見る

Tok plays EU4: The Cossacks - Ethiopia ep. 69 - Giggity

In this episode, we hope the Ottomans get dragged into another liberty mess, when Russia goes and does something stupid Subscribe now!

Xenoblade Chronicles X - Live stream #69 (giggity)

Streaming schedule, depending how tired I am after work. Mon - Sat. Stream usually starts around 2pm GMT ( 4pm EET ). Sat - Sometimes early in the morning ...

It Is What It Is - Ep.69(giggity) - Quick chit chat and a ton of First Impressions!

Big BIG thanks has to go out to MonsterMan Vapes for his absolutely generous donation/gift and Element Vape for their continued support! Go check out ...


Are you familiar with Family Guy? Who isn't, right? Family Guy is one of the most popular animated television shows in history, winning countless awards and ...

Giggity the frog's tadpole swim opportunity gig. The role of "Giggity" is played by; Morgan HOLLY...

Giggity the frog's tadpole swim opportunity gig. The role of "Giggity" is played by; Morgan HOLLYWOOD Monroe. Thank you so very much for watching our video.

DOUBLE LENGTH.. GIGGITY! - GTA5 online with viewers

Today we are doing a double length stream with viewers in GTA5 online. 2 playlists, 16 players, a quarter million of in game cash up for grabs. Who will take it ...