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The official BBC Learning English app brings together all of your favourite lessons and presenters in one fantastic, simple-to-use package. It's the best way to keep your English up to date! Whether you want to study grammar, improve your pronunciation, develop your English through topical new stories or learn the latest phrases to use in your everyday conversations, our app has the series for you.

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Learning English

The best way to learn a language to is to practise a little bit every day. Our app helps you do that with daily updates of amazing, fun and topical lessons, transcripts and quizzes. Watch your English grow!

Features that will help you learn

Watch or listen to each programme without using the text support. Then watch or listen again using the built-in transcripts and subtitles. Once you've practised your listening and reading skills, use the quizzes to test your understanding. The app will remember your scores so you can keep trying until you get the result you want.

Other Features

- Lessons available first on this app – even before our website
- New lessons daily
- Notifications to help you continue your learning
- Easy-to-find programmes listed by series name or category: (Everyday English, Learn English with the News, Business English, Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation)
- Follow your favourite series
- Share your favourite programmes to your social networks, or email/SMS to a friend

Which programmes are available?

All of our most popular programmes are here, including:
- The English We Speak
- 6 Minute English
- English at Work
- English in a Minute
- The award-winning Tim's Pronunciation Workshop
- LingoHack
- News Review
- And many more

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BBC Learning English is one of the world's most popular providers of free English language teaching material. For more than 75 years it has been helping millions of learners, in over 100 countries, become better English speakers. Find out more about BBC Learning English and access other free English language teaching materials by visiting our website:

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What to do when you can't sleep: 6 Minute English

What can you do when you can't sleep? Is there anything more frustrating than lying there in the dark with your eyes open especially if it's not just now and then, ...

Can we trust a smart speaker? Listen to 6 Minute English

About ten million people in the UK now use a smart speaker, and they're gaining popularity across the world. These convenient devices listen to our every ...

Being slim: Is it in our genes? Listen to 6 Minute English

Scientists have found some evidence that our weight is not just controlled by what we eat. Research published in the journal PLOS Genetics, explains how twin ...

Improving your memory: 6 Minute English

Storing information is an important function of our brains and scientists are always looking at ways to improve it but also to stop it deteriorating. Neil and Rob ...

Why do we feel awkward? - 6 Minute English

We all know the feeling. That horrible uncomfortable silence where we freeze up, or look away or just want to turn invisible. Awkwardness can strike anyone in ...

BBC Learning English - 6 Minute Grammar - Have to and Must

BBC Learning English - 6 Minute Grammar - Have to and Must SOURCE: TRANSCRIPT:


【無料英語学習アプリ】BBC Learning Englishの使い方・レベルをご紹介!

BBC learning English カウチサーフィンについて

チケットの買い方聞かれてめっちゃ焦った。 一回深呼吸した結果、多分初めてスムーズに案内できて満足。(たかだか一週間しかしてないbbc learning Englishのおかげでは多分ない

Podcast 今週ダウンロード第23位!! BBC Learning English Drama - BBC Radio:

@Olein_jp こちらのアプリです!

英語学習アプリ「BBC Learning English」が最強! ・完全無料 ・BBCの英語学習番組を全部一つで! ・自然かつ実践的なイギリス英語 ・音声を聴きながらスクリプトの確認も ・ビジネス、雑談、発音、ニュース等目的・…

今週は不眠について。個人的には眠れない時は鼻呼吸で、吸う時に1、吐くときに2と数えるのを繰り返すと眠れる。海外ドラマのメンタリストで言ってた(ちょっと自己流に変えたかもしれない)。BBC Learning English - 6…

【英語初心者向けPodcast】 Learning English - 6 Minute English イギリスの放送局BBCの英語学習者向けプログラムの一つ。 男女のアナウンサーの対話形式。トランススクリプトをPDFでダウンロードすることが出来る。週一回配信

なんとなく思いたったので、BBC Learning Englishの無料教材で少し発音勉強をしてみた。

✅耳トレするならBBC Learning Englis 1回目 よく聴く 2回目 よく聴きながら内容理解 3回目 シャドーイングする その後はひたすらシャドーイング! ✅1週間経ったら別の話題にチェンジ! Being sli…

外国人が使うYoutube英語教材まとめ ✅English Class 101 ✅Easy English ✅Rachel’s English ✅Speak English with MisterDuncan ✅Real Eng…

Kenさんが紹介してくれたBBC LEARNING ENGLISHが一番続いてる動画系無料教材。内容は雑学として勉強になるし、更新は多いし。毎日というわけではないが、思い出しては聞いてる。

初級〜中級の人にオススメの英語サイト AK English ニュースで英語術 DMM英会話 daily news…

あとは…BBC Learning Englishのシリーズ…やな… 番組ようさんあるねん… まあ好きなやつを聞け… どれも2〜15分の番組ばっかりで…聞き取りやすいイギリス英語やから…イギリス英語に慣れたい人にもオススメや…