dynamicWatch Companion for Garmin Connect IQ

The dynamicWatch Premium Companion for Android lets you sync your dynamicWatch Premium routes and settings to your phone, and then later send routes to the dwMap Premium navigation app on your Garmin watch without needing an Internet connection. Perfect for that backcountry hike, ultra-run or long distance bike ride!

The dwMap Connect IQ app on your Garmin GPS watch lets you explore new routes while you run, bike and hike, and already offers fast, wireless sync'ing with the dynamicWatch website. This new Companion app for your phone lets you take your dynamicWatch routes offline, and change the route on the watch at any time. Just sign-in to your dynamicWatch Premium account, then the app will sync your routes down to the phone whenever you open it.

You can import GPX route files saved on your phone or shared by other maps and routes app, and send them directly to dwMap on your watch. You can also change popular dwMap app settings, such as activity type, on the fly, and search for new destinations and create new "Quick Route" from your current location.

The dwMap Connect IQ app to use on your Garmin watch is available from the Garmin App Store at https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/2750f280-82f4-4f21-a32c-57acc7ce4870

You MUST have a Premium account with dynamicWatch to use this Android app. The free version of dwMap works great with our mobile-enabled website and does not need this phone app.