Who interacts with my profile for facebook app

YOUR PRIVACY IS %100 PROTECTED. WE DO NOT GET ANY DATA OF YOUR PROFILE. -We turn back, Thanks for millions of download. -This app displays your friend list in order, who interacts your profile most. It is not display any other user who is not friend with you. -This app is displaying the list of users on the basis of your activities like interaction with users in form of comments, like, messaging. -Please be sure you have the Facebook App installed on your iphone or ipad and you are already signed in to Facebook before using the app. -This app is a 3th party tool and is not endorsed or certified by Facebook. -This app is intended for entertainment purposes only. This app is unoffical product and there is no association with Facebook in any way. -Thank you.

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Please watch: "TUNGSTEN TYPES / HOW TO SHARP" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QryYqdspN50 --~-- Just watch short videos to unlock features.

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