HD Weather Doppler Radar

HD Weather Doppler Radar was developed by Severe WX Warn and contains features such as storm signatures(tornado vortex signatures, hail storm signatures and damaging wind signatures.) The app also includes storms reports for tornadoes, damaging winds and severe hail. Along with this the app also includes lightning strike data, active hurricanes and tropical cyclones, global surface winds, cloud cover and NWS watches, warnings and advisories. All data feeds are direct from NOAA, NWS and the SPC. -High Resolution Live Level III Doppler Radar that updates automatically every 5 minutes. -Storm Tracks for Tornado Vortex Signatures, Hail and Severe Wind. -Doppler Radar Signatures for Tornadoes, Hail and Wind. -Hail signatures display max and min. size. -Hurricane and Tropics Tracking Information. -Live Lightning Data. -Current GPS Location. -Address Search for other locations. -NWS Watches, Warnings and Advisories. -SPC Outlooks -Cloud Cover Data -NOAA Storm Reports (24 hr. & Weekly)

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StormTracker 13 HD Dual LIVE Doppler Radar

60 Radar Promo for WOWK-TV 13 News. This is the latest in technology from the NWS and StormTracker 13.

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