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EasyReader is a FREE accessible reading app for readers with dyslexia, low vision or blindness. Browse & download from the World's largest collection of talking book and newspaper libraries. Or copy text from anywhere on your phone & hear EasyReader read it back to you. Experience perfectly synchronized text & audio. Or for text only titles, EasyReader can add a human sounding voice of your choice. Boost comfort or contrast - choose colours, text size and highlights to suit your visual needs. Make your books' text as big as your eyes require. Unlike other mainstream reading apps, there's no restriction with EasyReader. Zoom in with a standard 2 finger pinch or make fine adjustments with the simple sliders. There's never any blurry text or fuzzy fonts - your books' words are always crystal clear and always easy on the eye. Navigate your books or newspapers by skipping directly to specific pages or headings. Search your book for words or phrases. Add text bookmarks or record your own audio bookmarks and return to them with ease. EasyReader is fully optimized for use with iOS VoiceOver and iOS supported Braille displays. --------------------------------------------------------------- "What I like the most is that I can read about a new book in my daily newspaper and search for it with EasyReader. Most of the time the books are already there and I can read them the very same day." ~ Eva Nilsson, Sweden "EasyReader is the difference between if I read an article, or I don’t. Prolonged reading is difficult as stress from reading black on white text can often build up quickly. Being able to change text and background colours to ones I’m comfortable with stops that." ~ John Dunning, Student with Dyslexia "I just love the fact that I can have all my content providers in one app. This is the start of something I envisioned a few years ago. This is going to be be a great app for all the new Marrakech treaty countries and their content providers." ~Joakim Uppsäll-Sjögren --------------------------------------------------------------- EasyReader connects directly to World's largest collection of accessible book libraries with 100,000s of titles: - Legimus (Sweden) - Inläsningstjänst AB (Sweden) - NLB (Norway) - Nota (Denmark) - Bookshare® (US) - RNIB Bookshare (UK) - CELA (Canada) - Vision Australia (Australia) - Passend Lezen (The Netherlands) - Anderslezen (Belgium) - SBS (Switzerland) - KDD (Czech Republic) - DZDN (Poland) - ePubBooks (All languages, no login required) - Project Gutenberg (All languages, no login required) - LKF (Russia) Or access newspaper services from: - MTM Taltidningar (Sweden) - NKL (Finland) - Bookshare® Periodicals (US) - NFB-NEWSLINE® (US) - RNIB Newsagent (UK) - Passend Lezen (The Netherlands) - ATZ newspapers (German) ** Important Information** A login is required for the majority of the accessible book libraries that EasyReader connects to. Please contact the libraries directly to arrange your login. Books that are protected by DRM (including those purchased via Kindle and iBooks) are not compatible with EasyReader. --------------------------------------------------------------- Privacy Policy: EULA:

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