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Meet Brella, a beautiful and thoughtful weather app that takes the "um" out of the forecast and delivers your personalized weather forecast daily! NEW - Alexa Support There’s a new virtual assistant in town, and one with some weather-related Personality. Just say "Alexa, ask Brella Weather..." for your personalized forecast, what the weather will be like, or just what to wear. Brella even has custom Personality phrases for her new home! Visit Brella’s settings to connect your phone to Alexa and hear just how personable some of her lines are. Beautiful, Thoughtful Design Brella streamlines the crowded weather forecast down to its most essential elements. Bold, vibrant colors indicate the temperature at a glance, while temperature and conditions are presented with crisp, bold text. The hourly forecast provides a clean, yet detailed look at the day’s weather, while the daily forecast makes comparing temperature ranges nearly instantaneous. Playful Personality While we were teaching Brella how to translate your wardrobe into a readable forecast, we might have let this super-powered AI spend a little too much time online. From pop culture and movie references to delightful messages and cheesy compliments, Brella adds that personal touch in a personalized daily forecast that will make you smile, cringe, or sminge. Look for seasonal updates! Daily Notifications Always checking the weather in the morning to see what to wear? Have the answer right on your lock screen when you wake up with Brella’s personalized forecast. You can choose exactly the type of information you want in your notification, from bare-bones essential weather to a detailed forecast summary. In addition, you can check out what wild wisdom Brella has to offer at any time through the Today Widget in Notification Center, or using your voice with Alexa. Note: In-app purchase required for some features. Powered by the Best We turned to the best available sources to find and deliver the weather anywhere, even Waldo’s hideout. Our backend server is powered by Vapor, a fantastic Swift web framework, and our database is run using the rock-solid Google Firebase. We use data from hyperlocal powerhouse Dark Sky and Google Place's hundreds of millions of locations. Our in-app analytics system is powered by Fabric + Crashlytics to understand our audience and continually improve the app. Our Work Is Never Over We’re hard at work continuing to bring Brella everywhere. Let us know if you have any suggestions or feature requests! Featured by AppAdvice and Macworld! Winner of Ron G. Kermisch ’88 Innovation Award, 2017 Engineering Innovation Competition Nominated for Student Business of the Year

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Sport-Brella Umbrella - Portable Sun and Weather Shelter Review

My personal review of the Sport-Brella Umbrella - Portable Sun and Weather Shelter.

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In yard @ home, sunrise fl, 4/26/2015.

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Sport-Brella Portable Sun and Weather Shelter : sport brella : sun umbrella price :portable umbrella A beach umbrella, sun tent, rain shelter, and more all in one, the Sport-Brella XL gives you instant portable protection from the elements ...

Review - Sport-Brella Portable All-Weather and Sun Umbrella

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