Lite For Facebook

Use this popular social network through a much lighter app that's better suited for every iOS device or ones with limited Internet connections. This app takes very less space on your memory once installed. This means that it occupies less space than the normal Facebook app and still has all and more features you need from it. Lite is an excellent alternative to the usual Facebook client that lets you use this social network on less powerful device and over very weak internet connections. This version of Lite uses less data and works in all network conditions. Keeping up with friends is faster than ever. Now You Can Also Add Many Accounts Of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, GPlus, Instagram and Pinterest. One App For All Social Accounts. -Now You Can Easily Bookmark Any Page Post and etc for viewing later And Also Share Option. -In Lite, Now Your Facebook Account Is More Secure. You Can Protect Your Facebook Account From Other Users. You Can Easily Set Password On Your Lite App. And Customize Your Password Setting Information. -Now You Can Add Many Accounts In Lite App. You Can Also Easily Navigate Between Your Accounts. -Now You Can Easily Use Like Desktop Facebook On Your Device - You don't have need to install messenger for messaging, now you can chat with friends using lite. - Quick access to Requests, NewsFeed, Message, Notification, Messenger and Facebook Setting. This App contain All Features Like All Social , All Social Accounts, All Social Networks, Pinterest app, Pinterest login, Pinterest fails, Pinterest Recipes, Pinterest Crafts Facebook Mobile, facebook search , facebook app, facebook download, facebook sign up, facebook logout, facebook full site, facebook home page, Facebook Massenger Twitter, Twitter Lite, Multi Login, Social Media, tweets, Twitter Followers, Twitter Likes, Messenger, tweetdeck linkedin profile, linkedin login, linkedin stock, linkedin jobs, linkedin logo Instagram, Boomerang, Layout, Camera, Followers, downloader, Hyperlapse, likes This App is free and always will be. If you find any problem in the app please tell us about it we will try to fix it as Soon As possible. You can E.mail us. Also please give us your valuable suggestions. We will update our app with more features as soon as possible If you enjoy Lite, please take a minute to reward our efforts with a great rating - it helps immensely!

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