Once Upon a Tower

どこかに脱出してみたくなったことはない?高いタワーに閉じ込められたような気分になったことは?勇敢な騎士様の助けを待っていたりしない? 待つのはもうおしまい! だって来ないから。いや、本当に来ないから。そこの門番ドラゴンに食べられちゃった。 でも恐れることはない。自由になるために必要なものはすべて揃ってる。勇敢な騎士様がウォーハンマーを残してくれたから、きっと上手く使えるはずだよね? 君なら敵を倒せる。ドラゴンから逃げられる。必ずできる!Once Upon a Towerで冒険を始めよう。

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Once Upon a Tower - Full Gameplay (from Level 1 to 12 until the Final Battle to Escape the Tower!)

Check out my first gameplay for Once Upon a Tower! This video plays from the first level to the final level with only a boss battle before escaping the tower.

Once upon a tower escaped

For some mistakes, there is no sound in this video.

Once Upon A Tower - Escaping with chicken (0 deaths run)

Played on iPhone 7 It was the hardest achievement in that game so far.

Once Upon a Tower

Ever wanted to escape somewhere else? Ever felt like you were trapped in a high tower? Ever found yourself waiting for the valiant knight to save you? Wait no ...

[Princess Ada Escaped Twice?!?!] Once Upon a Tower - Full Gameplay (Speed Run)

More than a month ago since Princess Ada had escaped for the first time, now she had escaped for the second time!! Here's a full gameplay of Once Upon a ...

GLITCH! 5 Tips and Tricks for Once Upon a Tower

5+ Tips for Once Upon a Tower.