Glitch Dash

Dodge your way past hammers, axes, geometric obstacles and even lasers! Glitch Dash is hard, REALLY hard. Your reflexes need to be on edge to get through the intense mazes that is Glitch Dash. Run through the beautiful and abstract world and just try to survive. If you are looking for a really challenging Impossible Runner, then Glitch Dash is the game for you! Features ● Incredibly hard-core gameplay ● Gloriously abstract and funky graphics ● Epic beat driven gameplay to music ● Make a Perfect Run for the ultimate bragging rights Already a fan of Glitch Dash or David Marquardt’s games? ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ● Instagram: ● Website:

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Glitch Dash - All Levels Completed 100% Perfect Run (1.0.2 - Oldest Ver): Neon, Coastline, Dunes,...

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! Today, I'll give you the full gameplays of all levels of a new game - Glitch Dash. This game is developed by ...

【Glitch Dash】ご褒美枠だったゲームを好きなだけ実況しました!

みんなも是非遊んでみてください!(*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*) そしてこの難しさを共有してほしい! □YouTube □Twitter

【Glitch Dash#2】迷言誕生?このゲームの実況は毎回何かが起こる!

シロちゃんはいつだって秘めた力を秘めたままだからな! 秘めてるだけだからね!! □YouTube □Twitter

Glitch Dash: Level - NEON (Perfect Run,100%,All Diamonds,Crowns) IOS Gameplay Walkthrough (HD)

【Glitch Dash#3】ついに...ついにシロは走りきることができました!

ご褒美枠だったGlitch Dashをシロはついに走りきりました! アップデートされたらまた実況するね! □YouTube □Twitter

Glitch Dash Blitz+ Mode 79 gems and 8 crowns

Glitch Dash Blitz+ Mode with all levels in Classic+ Mode completed without pauses in-between levels in one go. P.S.: I don't know where the last gem in Digital+ ...