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Play own songs from midi files and Osu Beatmap. Play songs from Undertale, FNAF, Anime, Vocaloid , KPOP, Eng POP on tiles rhythm game. Tap as fast as you can on the dark piano tiles, and try to avoid the white empty spaces. Make beautiful piano music while tapping! Recent songs from Undertale, Naruto, Fairy Tail, vocaloid and more. We will continue to add new songs, and we take requests. • Songs from Undertrale, FNAF, Anime, Vocaloid, KPOP, Eng POP • Play the song you always wanted to play. • No unlock of songs, just play. • Add songs to favorite. • Completely in sync when you tap to play the piano sound. • Choose images from your phone to set as background. The game is inspired by other tile tapping piano games, but you get to play your favorite songs and use your own images you have taken on your phone to set as background. • Some of the artists and songs included • - Undertale, FNAF - Megalovania, Spider Dance, ++other... - Anime songs - Naruto, Tokyo ghoul, ++others... - Vocaloid - World Is Mine, ++others... - KPOP - BTS, EXO, ++others... ...and lots more! • Tip • If you want to suggest a piano song, it is helpful if you first find a piano midi (.mid) file for the tune :)

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App Store : https://goo.gl/fcbFs4 Google Play : https://goo.gl/bV3j5I.

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지금 스트리트게이머에서는 나와 같은 게임을 하는 게이머들의 생방송이 매일 수천개씩 쏟아진다! *내 폰에서 지금 바로 게임 플레이를 방송하거나...

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