Cytoid is a music game where you can create, share and play your own levels! Powered by community, with many dedicated creators, Cytoid provides a huge variety of musical genres to enjoy and a diverse range of gameplay design. Interact with other players through score leaderboards, a voting system to support your favourite levels, and the new rating system to put your rhythmical ability to the test and compete against the best of the best. Think you’re up to it? Download player-created levels, view world rankings and more: Join us on Discord: Visit the project on GitHub: # Artists "Glow Dance" by iamMANOLIS ( (Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) "Intro" by PTB10 "Sky" by Trifect "Ecstatic" by Delos # Disclaimer Cytoid is neither affiliated with Cytus or Rayark Inc.

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【Binaural Cytoid】Everlasting Message Extreme Lv.15+ Ranked SSS FC 99.99% 2gr

very very very beautiful and fun chart!!! Perhaps I could reach max, but I am satisfied with this record☺ The judgment criteria becomes very strict in the Ranked ...

Cytoid - Cross t revolution - regular hard lvl. 15 - MM TP100

Player: bluestar.

【Binaural Cytoid】PUPA Hard Lv.14 Ranked AP Full Accuracy

took 9 minutes this is an unranked AP of pupa video when I was poor The judgment criteria becomes very strict in the Ranked ...

【Binaural Cytoid】Alpha Omega Extreme Lv.15+ Ranked FC SSS 2gr 99.99%

99.99狙いだったから満足してるけどこれはmaxいけたなぁ The judgment criteria becomes very strict in the Ranked mode than usual. [Perfect] Unranked: ±70ms ...

Cytoid 1.5 - Developer Preview 1

Coming next month! ~~I tried my best but it's really hard~~ Chart "I" by Team CFHSS:

[ Cytoid ] Galaxy Collapse (Hard 15+) 853k 94.07% (#18)

I am a very avid Cytus 2 player (Top 10 on world score leader boards), so much that I bought myself a $500 tablet just for it. I just recently heard about cytoid so I ...


#Cytoid #Afterglow NEW CYTOID CHART RELEASED ツナグ、ソラモヨウ / Afterglow Hard Lv.15 / 763 Notes First really Lv.15 Hard…

[Cytoid] 炯眼の絶対零度 (HARD LV.14) Unranked Million Master via @YouTube

#cytoid のった

@ironnamonomiru ・BlackY-LINALIA ・Zabtom-Final Blast ・2号-柴又(と背景が緑のやつ(名前わからない…)) ・Trifect-SKY(Cytoid ver.) ・RetroVisi…

右手だけでIntro(Lv14)をやった結果 #Cytoid

@MusicgamesTiace Cytus,CytusⅡ,Deemo,VOEZ,Dynamix,Lanota,Arcaea,Cytoid… こうして書いてみるといろいろやってますね…



精度クソだけど出来た 14の中でも難しかった #Cytoid

スコア95万いったので今日はここまでにしておこうかなw それにしても自分以外みんなTP?高すぎ〜w ティアスさん譜面作成者とはいえ99.65はすごい しかもCytoid始めたばっかりなのかな? 自分は慣れるまでに時間かかりそ…

お、ノーミスだったd(^_^o) #Cytoid

初見 言い訳だけど、まずCytoid自体に慣れてないから訳分からんかったww 何回かやってみます(`_´)ゞ #Cytoid

Cytoidインストしました! いきなりティアスさんの譜面をプレイしたいと思います! #Cytoid

#cytoid 第一个R判收无名怪的居然不是Tento!?

#cytoid もうちょい伸ばす

#あなたのこと大好きな人TOP10 1位 🍤11時27分🍤 2位 なみりの 3位 彩緋@ ぱっつんわかめ 4位 しおん 5位 鳩サブレ@ 3月なったらcytoid 6位 鷹目誹楠 7位 さんかく▹▸ 8位 まこと(山姥……

#cytoid つる

#cytoid これはかなり良いのでは?