Cytoid is a music game where you can create, share and play your own levels! Powered by community, with many dedicated creators, Cytoid provides a huge variety of musical genres to enjoy and a diverse range of gameplay design. Interact with other players through score leaderboards, a voting system to support your favourite levels, and the new rating system to put your rhythmical ability to the test and compete against the best of the best. Think you’re up to it? Download player-created levels, view world rankings and more: Join us on Discord: Visit the project on GitHub: # Artists "Glow Dance" by iamMANOLIS ( (Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) "Intro" by PTB10 "Sky" by Trifect "Ecstatic" by Delos # Disclaimer Cytoid is neither affiliated with Cytus or Rayark Inc.

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VOX vs. Cytoid charts (and how VOX stole lots of stuff from everyone)

Update 2/27/18: VOX has been successfully taken down from both Play Store and App Store! Thanks for helping out yall! So a game called VOX has popped up ...

【Binaural Cytoid:Ranked】Another Primal Dialga (Hardstyle Remix) Extreme Lv.14 All Perfect【TP100】

I like this chart the best in Cytoid!!! The judgment criteria becomes very strict in the Ranked mode than usual. [Perfect] Unranked: ±70ms Ranked: ±40ms ...

【Binaural Cytoid:Ranked】Ragnarok Hard Lv.14 All Perfect【TP100】

とてもとてもとても難しかった……🤣 The judgment criteria becomes very strict in the Ranked mode than usual. [Perfect] Unranked: ±70ms Ranked: ±40ms ...

【Binaural Cytoid:Ranked】Stasis Hard All Perfect【TP100】

いえーい The judgment criteria becomes very strict in the Ranked mode than usual. [Perfect] Unranked: ±70ms Ranked: ±40ms [Great/Black Perfect] Unranked: ...

Cytoid 1.5 Developer Preview: Storyboard Demo

A full-length preview of the storyboard system, coming soon in Cytoid 1.5. Join the beta today at Note: the occasional graphic glitches ...

Cytoid 1.5 - Developer Preview 1

Coming next month! ~~I tried my best but it's really hard~~ Chart "I" by Team CFHSS:


#cytoid 草

#cytoid KTさんほんといい譜面作りはるなぁ

#cytoid 局所難 すこ

#Cytoid レート値14.00到達

#Cytoid Heartache Hard Lv.11 Ranked TP100 ママァ゙ァ゙ァ゙ァ゙ァ゙ァ゙ァ゙ァ゙ァ゙ァ゙ァ゙ァ゙ァ゙

#cytoid なんか終わったんだけどwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

#cytoid とりあえず

#cytoid 何これ楽しい

#cytoid 初見(だったような)

#cytoid 訳が分からない()

@Stellar_Bague これのあとに任意のプレイヤーIDを打ち込むことでその人のべ枠やリーセントを見られます〜🙆‍♀️

なんかCytoidに関してはレート上げ向いてない気がしてきた レート上げようって新しい曲触ると「これ詰めたい」ってなるからべ枠もりせんと枠もあったもんじゃない





#cytoid フルコンついたけど納得いかねぇ😡😡😡

#cytoid あああああ

#cytoid 供養

#cytoid ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ワン切りア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙ア゙

#cytoid TPだけは覚醒してた

#cytoid 頑張ればFC出来るのでは……?🤔🤔🤔




#cytoid スコアは負けてるけど精度は全1取ったぞ<(^o^)>┌┛’

#cytoid コンパソFull Combo👍👍👍

#cytoid みのる鳥

#cytoid 初フルコンをネオアスでキメる男

レーティング11! #Cytoid