Kingpin Bowling

The scene: 1979 Iowa State Bowling Championship. Primetime is your middle name, and the pressure is right up your alley. After all, it's how you roll. But keep your mind out of the gutter, pal. It's down to this: Munson, McCraken, The Jesus, and you. Let's do this. Kingpin Bowling is an endless arcade bowling game with a bevy of cute and clever characters to keep you dancing on the tips of your bowling shoes. Avoid giant hotdogs, gargatuan soda pops, oversized clipboards, massive pencils, flying popcorn, and a few surprises, all while knocking down pins in your lane to the State Championship. You were born for this, and this game is a strike! Kingpin Bowling features: • Simple one touch control scheme perfect for mobile devices • Epic bonus rounds • Randomly generated gameplay to keep things perpetually fresh • Unlock-albe balls like El Diablo, El Scorcho, El Sofia and more • Share scores with friends and family • Over a dozen achievements and Leaderboards • Whimsical characters and soundtrack • Kids mode for the young ones • Dope iMessage sticker pack • Cool and impeccable design • iPhone X optimized • Haptic feedback

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Kingpin - The final showdown.

The final game between Roy Munson and Ernie McCracken. Brunswick Kingpin Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

Check out Tony Ruocco, Mike Seymour, Curlie Becton and Cody Mccowin testing out the Brunswick Kingpin!

Kingpin Intro - Young Roy Munson at Bowling

Young Roy Munson at Bowling Owning. Da best !!

Brunswick KingPin Rule Bowling Ball Video by Pin Up vs Pin Down The Kingpin Rule combines the Kingpin Ultra Low RG ...

Kingpin - Sexy Bowling Distractions Scene 1

A funny bowling scene from the movie Kingpin. You gotta' love those bowling movies!

Kingpin - Trailer

In the '70s, Roy Munsen (Woody Harrelson) was a bowling phenomenon. He was none too sharp about picking friends, though, and the champion he had to ...