Magic Tiles for BTS

Magic Tiles for BTS will challenge your reflexes and reaction time while you play piano covers of your favorite BTS songs! HOW TO PLAY ---------------------------------- The game is pretty simple and easy to play: - tap the black piano tiles and avoid the white tiles to complete the song. - every time you complete the song, it gets faster! - the longer you resist, the greater your prizes are! FEATURES ---------------------------------- - Enhanced gameplay with special tiles such as long notes and bonus blocks. - 5 different instruments! - Online leaderboards to compete with other players. - Lots of daily bonuses. - Perfect for A.R.M.Y! DISCLAIMER ---------------------------------- This is an unofficial fan-made application. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by BTS, their management teams, or their record labels.

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BTS 'DNA' Cover Classic Piano | BTS Piano Tile (K-Pop)

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Magic tiles piano bts and blackpink

방탄소년단 BTS Piano Tiles 2

Trying Magic Tiles BTS(Read description)

pls don't hate Me!!! But Pls enjoy I'm so sorry that I lie to you guys Oh I also have a Instagram Name:Jamless_Chloe Follow me!!

New BTS Magic Tiles game [DNA] bts magic tiles game, similar to piano tiles but all of their song in it I just found all that the audio is bad when watching on YouTube using iphone.

[BTS] Jungkook, playing piano tiles

Oh God, Jngkook is obsessed with piano tiles. HAHAHAH. Here's a clip that Jungkook is playing piano tiles using his phones.