Craft it, build it, blow it up. Share your creations online, or download thousands of words on the KB Community. Record your gameplay, include your face cam and upload to YouTube or Everyplay. Skin your character with custom skins and challenge your friends to a deathmatch with destructive rockets, lasers and swords. Kidblock is: Building, exploring, world sharing, multiplayer, custom skins, mobs, rocket launchers, lasers, TNT, swords, crafting, mining, farming, protecting, gameplay recording and much more! Try out our new app Kidblock Maker to create your own custom skins for Kidblock. Multiplayer deathmatch, creative, and survival modes through Game Center. Just invite your friends! Create and explore a world of your own. Choose and download thousands of worlds created by players on the Kidblock Community. Record your gameplay videos and share them on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Mine, make weapons, farm, craft tools, build, and battle. Search for diamonds, discover caves and get lost in a unique world that fits in your pocket. Fight enemies that spawn from the ground. This pocket edition is always changing, growing and moving as you mine, craft and build whatever you desire. Best of all, it's free! Help us make Kidblock the world you've always wanted. Submit your ideas, tell your friends and keep playing while we keep building your world. Share your creations on the Kidblock Community. Upload and download worlds, get ratings and comments. Two modes: Survival - hunger, mobs Creative - unlimited resources Use these codes in survival to get free items: freesword - get 1 free diamond sword pocketchange - 500 free credits pewpew - 1 free blaster iseeyou - 10 free land mines awesome - 10 free TNT blocks New codes each weekend on our Facebook page: Try these great seeds when creating a new world: sweet craft house mine me free app Don't forget to give us feedback- let us know what block types, items, enemies and animals you'd like added to Kidblock. We're always expanding your world! Connect with us on twitter if you have a question: @kidblockapp PLEASE NOTE: Kidblock is free to play, however there are items in the game that can be purchased with real money. If you want to make sure purchasing with real money doesn't happen, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Check out our website for more information:

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New Blocks Coming Soon - Kidblock

I've got two new blocks coming your way. Let me know what you think!

Kidblock Tutorial - Overview

A quick overview of Kidblock to get you started. Download Kidblock free for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch:

[Kidblock] The Portal Build

Kidblock gameplay - Creative :: Seed: 2032359.


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Teleporting in Kidblock - Coming soon!

Teleporting is coming to Kidblock in the next update!

[Kidblock] How to steal the tresure frome the fortress

Kidblock gameplay - Survival :: Seed: 9142823 Recorded and uploaded with Kamcord (