Singapore Rain Map

This application shows rainy areas(with animation!) inside Singapore and notifies you of coming rain to your location. And transition of PSI measurement, which is a trend topic on air pollution( Haze ), also is indicated as graph on it. Version2.0.0 allowing café locations to be shown on RainMap would be useful to look for café in order to get out of sudden rain. What you can do with this application 1. Rain transition for the past one hour can be referred with animation. 2. If it rains near your location, with 2 leveled alerts this application notifies you rain is approaching to your area. 3. Each score of rain man or rain woman is calculated by the rate caught in a shower in the past, and the rankings are shown on your display. 4. Area where rain men and rain women ranked in top 5 are at the moment can be seen on the display. 5. Graphics which shows PSI (air pollution level) transition each hour are generated and you can compare it with the PSI index as of yesterday. Your HandleName is used for rain man / rain woman ranking. In case you do not want to participate in this ranking, do not input your HandleName and leave it blank. Whenever you want, this HandleName can be changed on “Setting”. Those who do not need to share the location data could select Privacy/Location Services/ on “Setting” from your iPhone menu, and set “OFF” at SGRainMap. Notification In case of no rain, on the RainMap only a map is shown. In rare cases, when the service providing data would be under maintenance, correct date cannot be obtained. Range of information on rain fall this application offers is mainly limited to domestic area in Singapore. The rate caught in a shower for rankings is calculated by own criteria our company sets in its way. This application is not to forecast the weather but to display current rainy area at this moment. Delayed notification would come to your account due to network condition you are using. We appreciate your comprehension of this aspect. About DataSource Rain and Haze information is displayed based on data the National Environment Agency of Singapore and Meteorological Service Singapore provide. About Battery life. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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