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ブロックを動かして白いボールを赤いゴールブロックへと導こう。Unroll Meは簡単に遊べて、攻略するのは難しい大ヒットパズルゲーム。君はクリアできるかな? - 50を超える国々でNo.1 ダウンロードを記録! - 受賞:“ベスト・パズルゲーム” — Appy Awards 2014! - Apple“2014年ベスト”ランクイン(2014年最もダウンロードされた無料アプリ第32位)

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How to use Unroll.me + a word of caution before using it

How to use Unroll.me + a word of CAUTION before using it! In this video, I walk you through how to go about setting up Unroll.me (https://unroll.me/) to manage ...

No, What Unroll.Me Did To Its Users Is NOT Normal

If every company sold user data to outside companies and lied about it, would it be okay? An Unroll.Me exec. thought so when they explained why the email ...

Unroll.me Tutorial

Bundle those pesky subscription emails into one daily email. Unsubscribe, Roll up, or keep in your inbox!

Sanebox vs Unrollme

Sanebox and Unroll.me are both software services that help you control your email by rolling up your daily newsletters into one easy to read digest (like a ...

Unroll.Me - Email doesn’t have to suck

At Unroll.Me it is our goal to help you declutter your inbox, quickly and easily. Unroll.Me scans your inbox for subscription emails and gives you the option of ...

Unroll.Me Fights OverSubscription (Yep, it's a thing!)

Unroll.Me is an app that manages all your subscriptions allowing to to unsubscribe form a single interface, and create a digest of subscriptions that are valuable.