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What is SIP?

Introduces SIP - the Session Initiation Protocol. The first lesson from, the smarter way to learn SIP. Check out for ...

Introduction to Voice Over IP

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SipVoice calling card demonstration Video || सीपभोइस इन्टरनेसनल कलिंगकार्ड

SipVoice demonstration Video || सीपभोइस इन्टरनेसनल कलिंगकार्ड अब जापान बाट नेपालको मोबाइलमा... - Set-up SIP voice service on a iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

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SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Training - Fundamentals from Sunset Learning Institute

In this SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) training session, Sunset Learning Institute instructor John Meersma gives an introduction of what SIP is and how it works.

InformaCast Emergency Notification System Demonstration

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