This is a minimalistic weather app you look at in the morning to see how the weather develops over the day. What you get: Detailed weather information for the day + Some location options + A few clicks to get what you want + Locations from map/search/contacts + Intuitive user interface + No Advertisement = BIZWeather Features of the free version: - No advertisement - Unlimited locations addable - World wide weather forecast - No hidden costs - Single screen weather presentation - Swipe left to reveal position Information - pull down to refresh - Actual position/ location search/ map search/ address from contacts Advantages of the premium version: - Higher accuracy - Daily Weather push notification - Faster loading of weather data - hourly forecast with exact time display - Rain possibility forecast - More than one day forecast Coming up soon: - Deg F option - Personalized location names - Language select option Give us feedback for improvements: Privacy Policy Link:

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When Talking To Motivated Seller: Don't represent yourself But Represent the company

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