Xasteria: Astro Weather Report

Xasteria brings the Astronomical-oriented ASTRO weather forecast of the service 7Timer! to your iOS device. You can use your device GPS for a forecast of your location, or enter manual coordinates. ISS passes and Iridium flares for your location are also shown (data from heavens-above.com). Quick access to astro weather web sources an the latest water vapor satellite images is also provided. 7Timer! is mainly derived from the NOAA/NCEP-based numeric weather model, the Global Forecast System (GFS) and gives you a forecast for the entire globe with a resolution of about 20km at 3-hour intervals. The data provided includes: -Sun/Moon rise/set & twilight times. -Moon phase. -Cloud cover. -Astronomical seeing. -Atmospheric transparency. -Temperature. -Humidity. -Rain/Snow. -Atmospheric instability. -Wind. Xasteria provides you with a choice of 3 visualization modes for the data: the new 7Timer! ASTRO graphics, the color-stripe graphics similar to some other astro-forecast services and a raw text mode. Xasteria is available in English, Greek and French. If you would like to translate it to your own language, please contact the author. A special version of Xasteria is included in the Polar Scope Align Pro app, taking advantage of that app's night vision mode and location manager. I would appreciate a quick review on iTunes if you are using the app - if you have a specific request/suggestion you can also try the official app page at http://astro.ecuadors.net

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